About Restart Communications

Headquartered in Indianapolis, the world capital of auto racing, Restart Communications serves as the liaison between its clients, the media and the general public.

Formerly known as Mansfield, Shand & Katz Public Relations, we are trained journalists and we've been part of the racing press corps for over 30 years. As PR professionals we present our clients' news to all the right media, using Associated Press style. We make our press releases compelling and issue them on a high-priority, timely basis, while they're still news.

We are also using social media to tell our clients’ stories. Although social media is paving a new frontier in both public relations and journalism, it can be time consuming. We can help clients interact with their key audiences and develop a social media campaign that is on the cutting edge of this new technology. We can also manage their campaigns so they can spend their time running their business or team, or in the case of drivers, working out, pursuing sponsorships and doing appearances.

People are interested in other people. We present our clients in the most positive light - often focusing on the personal, behind-the-scenes story, because that usually interests readers and viewers the most, and that's what will get our clients' names into the news.

Years of experience on the racing circuits give us the advantage of knowing a wide variety of racing people, including editors and writers at racing and general consumer media. Journalists covering a race depend on us for accurate, behind-the-scenes information about our clients. We are also the eyes and ears of the media outlets which can't send a reporter to cover the event, but are important to our clients' markets. When working on-site at the track we keep abreast of our drivers and/or teams throughout the weekend and keep the press informed of their progress, providing news updates and promoting them to the media. We also issue a post-race story from the press room immediately after the race which is also e-mailed to a targeted media list we have developed in advance for each client.

Because we're so deadline-conscious, our releases have the added impact of news in the eyes of both editors and race fans. We present the results of the race but the story centers around our clients' experiences, which ultimately results in added positive coverage.

We make drivers and teams more appealing to potential sponsors. We also make sure their current sponsors get the most exposure possible and are seen in the most favorable light.

We do the same for manufacturers and other businesses. We’re experts at both niche marketing as well as global exposure.

In addition to media and sponsor representation, both on and off the track, we produce brochures, newsletters, business letters, speeches, autograph postcards, yearbooks, programs, magazines, newspapers, feature stories, press releases, race result stories, ads, catalogs, blogs, white papers, Facebook entries, YouTube videos and tweets.

We also do extensive copy editing and copy writing for a wide variety of companies, including many not involved in motorsports.

We use a professional desktop publishing system (QuarkXPress), and we can create entire publications from conception to distribution.

We have produced several newspapers and magazines from scratch. We produced two racing yearbooks for one client, and we've done numerous newsletters. We've produced seven racing parts catalogs. We've also copy-edited three racing books and one novel which were extremely well received.

This kind of "do it all" completeness is rare in the world of advertising and public relations, but we do things like this routinely. We also have a solid roster of photographers and writers to call upon when we need them, but we pride ourselves in knowing how to put together all the parts of the PR equation.

We are enthusiastic and professional. We value our clients' input and will strive to be everything that they want their PR firm to be. We develop public relations programs that address their needs, and we're confident that they'll quickly come to feel that Restart Communications is a part of their team that they'll never want to do without.

For hard-driving PR call Linda Mansfield today at (317) 201-0729 or e-mail her at LKMRestart@gmail.com

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